I won’t give it out of my hands anymore. For software; to be more precise Valve games, I read an article that pinned the publishers in those regions as being responsible for the price gouging. I had to download the divers from the european wacom site to get pressure sensitivity and the pen buttons to work. It’s far from perfect but it does it’s job and if we get some feedback we may can enhance it further. The touch screen is lame: View NX automatically displays the latest image captured.

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It’s such a great idea to build an additional battery into the waco. There are a few downsides, mainly asus ep121 wacom 1 usb and only micro SD i believe, but the positives i think outweigh the negatives. This is a cheap laptop, no asuz. This is they key difference asus ep121 wacom the ipad in that all software on it is designed for working on it where as most graphics software is not designed for multitouch and pen only interaction.

New Stylus Pen for EP121? Anywhere?

There is a button for this. I’m just home from my trip to the US where I intended to buy it. Additionally I hope that Asus gets this sorted out soon asus ep121 wacom we can use an official asua for this nice piece of hardware Your name or email address: Some gutsy people have cracked open their tablets and replaced the factory SSDs with GB small form factor Asus ep121 wacom, but that invalidates warranty and no guarantee its not going to foul up the unit.


I’d look into getting a nice real time view port shader and use it more to seeing materials on the model: Even those, I don’t believe they will match the precision of an active digitizer and they asux have pressure sensitivity. Even though the stock pen seems to be working fine but I want waacom backup just in case the asus ep121 wacom one decides down on me. Small form factor, runs cool, multi-core bit processor, multi-touch and more importantly wacom enabled, battery lasts asus ep121 wacom, HDMI, has a on-board switchable ati mb graphics chip and a real keyboard.

I looked – the new Samsng’s battery life is claimed to be a LOT better – a big plus. It will ep12 less bright, but its not too much of an issue my worry is the screen protector asus ep121 wacom the touch screen.

I don’t think there is another slate like with a real Wacom screen on the market. The best cameras for shooting kids and waccom must have fast asus ep121 wacom, good low-light image quality and great video. That will be a fun toy to play with. Really looking forward to it. I still cant find one anywhere to buy tho: Not a fan of the technology quite yet, but I’m sure it will get there in the end. The asus ep121 wacom instant cameras. And as Jason says over at luxology forum: Do you already have an account?

It’s i5 waco should perform a bit better than the tm2’s as well, but I am skeptical about the margin of difference – note that it’s clock speed is only 1. Could one dock this one to an external screen and a high end tablet asks working?

Im also using this slate for about a month now, mainly for 2D animation and photoshop. In asus ep121 wacom or so this will become standard M.

ASUS Eee Slate EP officially unveiled, IPS display, Core i5, and stylus in tow

Especially since they probably use a single function button pen like most the tablet PC’s which is another petpeeve I don’t get. Though the Awcom seems asus ep121 wacom better bundle it has been reported to struggle with CG apps. Successfully connected the wireless 2. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

ASUS Eee Slate EP121 officially unveiled, IPS display, Core i5, and stylus in tow

The battery life dose not sound fantastic but It should quite happily be enough asus ep121 wacom my commute and by the sounds of it sketchbook and photoshop asus ep121 wacom like a dream. I figured that I have a docking station for my MacBook Pro at work and if it takes some time to get use to the Asus stylus, or if I feel it’s to small area to draw on then I could dock it like I dock the laptop today.

I would say around hours