Going to be much better than a similar priced much used unit. Calendar Stop watch Calculator Time of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, current phase of the moon, constellation sun-earth-moon Various games. Our shop and our offices remain closed until August 19th, Fix ‘Highway Page’ shutdown issue with menu key operation. During this time, we neither process orders, nor do we answer phone calls.

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Correct Etrex legend hcx word translation of ‘Find’ and ‘Mark’. This has etrex legend hcx good sensitivity, and reliably picks up the satellites in my house where most receivers have really questionable reception. Once the download is complete, go to the location where you saved the file.

Like the rest of the eTrex series, Legend Legsnd is lightweight and compact — the perfect size for all your travels. Current speed Distance to next turn Current lrgend of day Distance from route Compass ring with bearing to next turn For each data field, you can choose from 34 different values.

Disable route calculation icon when GPS is off.

Updates & Downloads

Skip etrex legend hcx main etrex legend hcx. Fix ‘Highway Page’ shutdown issue with menu key operation. Improve sun times for polar regions. Time To First Fix, time until the first information about the current position is acquired. Click on legenx and choose to save the file to your computer. Its battery life lasts up to 25 hours. Correct potential shutdown when viewing a vertical profile. This particular unit’s rubber band is starting to separate at the top, an issue with this Garmin etrex legend hcx but is not causing problems so far.

Fix data card unlock failure when 2 cards of the same map set are used in one device. The model is equipped with 3-inch display. The glide ratio required to descend from your current position and elevation to the destination’s elevation. Fix incorrect highlight index at unit field in ‘Area Calculation’ page after select reset in menu.

Garmin eTrex Legend HCX Handheld

Improve distance calculation in odometer. To replace my son’s stolen unit. Click on the button labeled ‘Un-zip’.

Correct German translation of ‘delete all waypoints’. Change number of lines of text in the address field on map feature review page from 4 to 6. Removed the turn backlight on action etrex legend hcx unit is initially powered on.

During this time, we neither process orders, nor do we answer phone calls. Works great with onXmaps! Correct battery issue of lithium battery.

Garmin: eTrex Legend HCx Updates & Downloads

You can chose to show no, 1, 2, 3 or 4 data fields. Disruptions to the update process may render your GPS inoperable.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Fix shutdown when editing Estonian Grid coordinates. Fix system freeze issue. Correct daylight saving time for New Zealand.

All models provide similar functions; these etrex legend hcx the main differences: If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on your computer, you may download and install it for free.